Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a carb by any other name, is still a carb

my dear friend jessie came for a visit today. i wanted to feed her. i love having a little something prepared for a guest, especially a fellow food lover. but it was one of those mornings. yes, one of those mornings.

minutes before she arrived, i took stock of what i had ready to go: a choice of 4 carrot butts, finn’s left- over yams and blueberries, 1/3 of an avocado and popcorn that finn salvaged from behind the stove on his daily dustbunny cruise.

enter the rathwell house special: green tea chai with coconut milk and honey. (it is my firm belief that a well-stocked tea cupboard is essential to feeling more together than you actually are).

but today isn't really what's on my mind. today i'm thinking about yesterday.

monday was one of those days where i stood in front of the cupboards, doors open, eyes roaming the same cans and cartons in search of something that i may have missed the first six times i stood in the exact same spot, doing the exact same thing. then i'd move to the fridge and repeat. unfortunately the meghan who turns this into a creative exercise and whips together something strange, yet tasty and satisfying was not home. meghan who eats carbohydrates all day was left in charge.

i'm definitely not a 'don't eat carbohydrates' nutritionist. carbs and i are friends and i can list a number of great reasons to enjoy carbs (though i do admit said carbs will come with disclaimers). what i am is an 'aim for balance, variety and something fresh, green and lifelike everyday' nutritionist. even on mondays.

eating a whole foods diet used to be easy for me. its been a big adjustment to have to work at it. humbling even. and yet i'm thankful. there is always something to learn when our habitual patterns fall to pieces. there is always a freedom in allowing yourself to start over.

ok ok, you're wondering what i ate right? here it is:
rice crackers, rice milk, your plain old rice rice, mochi (pounded rice), a rice flour muffin made with brown rice syrup and rice pasta.

seven different rice products! not green, not balanced, not lifelike, but surely this counts as variety?


  1. a very wise woman once told me 'try to limit yourself to one serving of rice per day'. as a rice eater in all of it's many guises, I appreciate this days menu...In a pinch- thank the bounty of the goddess and eat your rice... every grain of it has a soul they say... I think that counts for a lot.

  2. meghan,
    i read this post a while back and it came to mind again last week as i stood in front of my cupboards and fridge in a similar fashion. the big final exam was approaching, and while i was wholeheartedly absorbed in reviewing the benefits of eating whole, fresh, live foods and the value of a well balanced dietary approach, i made many food choices that week that left me reasoning with myself that bottled salsa really must count as a vegetable(right?!). all i can say is...thank goodness for sauerkraut!

    i have been loving the posts meghan...thank you so much for sharing your journey and giving us all small glimpses into your life as mom/ nutritionist/ superhero... =)