Friday, January 21, 2011

be it resolved...

...that i will consume more caffeine in 2011.

this is as far as i got with my new years resolutions. i know, i know, we're nearing the end of march and i'm past-casting. i've got a theory about delaying said resolutions however. here it is:

make resolutions in late december (i.e. get fit, stop eating sugar, learn an instrument, meditate) then spend january procrastinating, eating sugar, and looking at your mandolin. once february rolls around reflect on which resolutions were really true for you and fit the scope of your life (so sugar stays for awhile, big deal). and then march, march you nail it. march was just made for starting self-empowering plans like increasing personal caffeine consumption. an obvious goal for a nutritionist.

so my disclaimer here is that i'm not actually drinking grande mocha frappe whip whips or slurping back colas bright and early in the morning. i'm merely enjoying a homemade matcha latte here and there (coconut milk and raw honey mmm mmm) and noticing that i am much more likely to exercise, go out in the evening (true story) and run 40 laps around my house with a shrieking toddler hot on my heels once i've borrowed the power of the mighty caffeine.

i say the word "borrow" with great reverence. it's clear to me that caffeine enhances my sense of clarity, my get-up and go, and sometimes my mood, but it ain't my own personal mojo.
that you build through good food, good friends, good love and good living.

i guess this is just a' for the record report' that my good living now includes caffeine.

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